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Paper and office decluttering and organising services

Did you know that paper clutter and office disorganisation can result in

  • lost productivity and work inefficiencies

  • unpaid bills and tax headaches

  • missed appointments and deadlines

  • financial mismanagement and stress

Paper & Office Organising

With some simple decluttering and organising techniques I can help transform your office space, reduce paper clutter and improve the functionality of any office including:-

  • decluttering and organising years of backdated paperwork

  • setting up new systems to improve paper flow and ongoing paper management​


  • organising past paperwork to be safely stored, archived or destroyed securely

  • arranging shredding options

  • re-organising existing filing systems to improve ongoing manageability

  • suggestions for how to go 'paperless' and establishing new digital filing systems

  • recommending improvements to existing storage systems and email management 

As a professional organiser I will work carefully and methodically when decluttering and organising your paperwork.  Important documents are identified and kept safe, and all sensitive and confidential pieces are organised, sorted and itemised in a logical manner. ​​

Are you drowning in paper clutter or office disarray? 


Get your paperwork sorted and transform your home office.

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