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Preparing a Property for Sale


Preparing a home for sale normally involves a large decluttering project beforehand to enable the home to be presented at its absolute best.

Decluttering and organising help is at hand to sort possessions when someone is emotionally overwhelmed, too busy or unable physically.

Decision making help around what to keep and what must go.  

Practical solutions to deal with all the excess items that will not go to the new property, including suggesting the best recycling options. 

Planning and decluttering assistance for every aspect of preparing a property for sale, including how to manage and action the multiple 'to do lists' within tight deadlines.


Preparing a Property for Sale

Hands-on help if you are preparing a property for sale because you are moving house, downsizing, upsizing, retiring, relocating, moving someone to aged care or dealing with an estate clearance.


I can relieve the emotional and physical burden by helping to get the property ready for sale, including:


  • Helping you declutter and depersonalise your home in readiness for sale.

  • Arranging junk removal and donations to charities.

  • Organising temporary storage of possessions​.

  • Liaising with real estate agents, the removal company, buyer's agents and stylists. 

  • Providing recommendations on how best to present your property to attract potential buyers.

  • Offering advice and guidance on affordable styling and presentation options.​​


Downsizing or Retiring

Making the step to downsize or retire to another property can be a daunting and stressful time.  Often it is put off until it is too late - to be able to make rational and practical decisions, or leave yourself time to enjoy your retirement by living in a more manageable property. 

A professional organiser can relieve the emotional and physical burden of decluttering your home and greatly reduce the stress from this process.

I can create a logical downsizing or moving house plan, detailing what order to do things in. 


I can help you declutter and organise all your household items before you move, so you only move the items that will be relevant and important to you in your new property.  

By decluttering all the hidden mess before you list your home for sale, there is a better chance of achieving the best sale price. 


A decluttered home is far more likely to achieve a good sale price than a cluttered home!

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