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for Seniors and the Elderly


Decluttering assistance for seniors, down-sizers, retirees, the elderly or aged care residents.  I provide hands-on help to clear and sort years of clutter. 

Older citizens benefit greatly with the help of a decluttering expert who alleviates the physical and emotional burden of excess clutter in the home.


Decluttering minimises trip hazards around the home, reduces the likelihood of falls and helps to maintain living independently in the home for longer.


For anyone planning to downsize, retire or make their move to aged care, I can declutter, organise and minimise decades of belongings and memorabilia.

Support, guidance and practical hands-on help that will help overcome attachment issues and make it easier to let go of belongings.


Decluttering help for Seniors, the
Elderly or Aged Care residents

I provide hands-on decluttering and organising assistance for seniors, the elderly and down-sizers. 


Decluttering a home greatly reduces trip hazards and minimises the likelihood of falls.  Help with decluttering for the elderly and older Australians improves overall safety and accessibility around the home, and helps to maintain one's independence. A decluttered home also helps with overall cleanliness, and greatly improves quality of life in the later years. Getting the help of a professional organiser to declutter a home enables seniors and the elderly to live in their homes independently for longer.


Peace of mind is also provided knowing that all important possessions and paperwork are sorted, organised and stored in an easy to find, accessible place.

I also provide ongoing assistance as part of a Home Care Package through My Aged Care, or by contacting me directly.

Decluttering Assistance
Downsizing, Retiring or Moving to Aged Care

If you are downsizing, retiring, relocating or moving to aged care, I can assist by:

  • Helping declutter years' of personal items - I work in a gentle and calm manner, at your pace and in a way that makes logical sense to you.

  • Sorting and organising household items such as books, kitchenware, precious belongings, ornaments, photographs, keepsakes and life long treasures.

  • Finding lost and valuable items and storing these carefully in a logical, easy to find place.

  • Assisting with decision making about what to keep, what must go and what to do with all the excess belongings.​​

  • Arranging junk removal and charity donations.

  • Repurposing unwanted items sustainably and environmentally. ​​

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