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Why do I need the services of a Professional Organiser?

A professional organiser provides decluttering and organising solutions to help get your belongings sorted, organised, where everything has its place, and you can find things when you need them. A professional organiser can help lighten the load when you need to declutter. They are experts at planning and executing any project that involves organisation, decluttering or logistics involving a house move. Ultimately a professional organiser saves you time, money, effort, confusion and stress.

Can I call you to discuss my needs?

Yes. I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation.  You can contact me by phone or email.  I will respond as soon as possible to arrange a convenient time to chat with you.

What does a Professional Organiser do in a decluttering and organising session?

A professional organiser guides you through the art of decluttering - what to keep, what can go and how to deal with all the unwanted items in a manner that is ethical, sustainable and economical.  Professional organisers are experts at decluttering, keeping clients focused and motivated.  They provide practical, organising suggestions that are simple to implement and logical to maintain. Systems are set up to keep the clutter to a minimum and organising methods to help you get organised and stay organised. 

How long will it take to declutter or organise my belongings?

The process of decluttering and organising can be as quick or as slow as you want.  Often several sessions are necessary to achieve your objectives, and this is entirely up to you.  It is best to call me for a chat to discuss your project needs and then I can help you determine how long the job may take. 

How much do you charge?

There are a variety of packages and service options that can be tailored to suit you depending on the amount of help you require.  It is best to call me or send me an email to discuss in more detail. 

I can also provide my services as part of a Home Care Package through My Aged Care.  Please contact your provider to discuss or call me directly to make arrangements. 

I need to prepare my property for sale. Can you help?

Yes.  I can assist with all pre-sale decluttering, discard & donations, packing services, temporary storage of excess furniture and organising the removalist. I can make practical suggestions to improve the look and presentation of your home prior to sale, including recommending overdue repairs and maintenance to be completed or gardening or painting.  I have a natural eye for styling and furniture presentation if you would prefer not to spend precious dollars on property styling.  I can also work with your existing furniture and belongings to display your home at its best to maximise its potential sale value. 

What about rubbish removal?

I can arrange for all junk or rubbish to be removed. I can also manage council waste pick-ups or arrange for goods to be taken to the appropriate recycling centre. 

What do you do with belongings to be donated or sold?

I can organise for any re-useable items to be donated to known charities. If you would prefer for certain items to be sold, we can discuss and I can arrange this for you.  Part of my service involves making practical suggestions on how best to deal with all your decluttered belongings in a sustainable, ethical and economical way. 


Declutter, Sort & Organise

Get help from a professional organiser

and find some inner calm.

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