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Home Decluttering & Organising

Solutions to help you declutter and organise your home.

you secretly have clutter hidden all over the house? 
Are your cupboards and drawers so full nothing else fits inside?
Are you embarrassed to invite people to your home?
Do you have trouble
finding things when you need them?
Overcome the shame and frustration of your clutter sins!

When you reduce the clutter in your home, you feel lighter, more energised and find the motivation to move forward with your life. 


Home Decluttering & Organising

I can declutter and organise a single room or plan a whole house overhaul. I have strategies to keep you focused, on task and motivated.

I am a highly experienced professional providing decluttering and organising solutions for any space in the home including the:-

  • Bedroom and Wardrobe

  • Kitchen & Pantry Makeovers

  • Laundry & Bathroom

  • Living & Family room

  • Children's room & Play room

  • Garage

I gently guide you in the art of letting go and how to deal with unwanted items ethically, sustainably and environmentally.


I can declutter and organise your entire house.  More importantly, I can show you easy methods to maintain the rooms in your home, to keep the clutter under control.

If the stuff in your life is weighing you down causing stress, chaos or unhappiness, I can help.

Paper & Office Decluttering & Organising

With some simple decluttering and organising techniques your paper clutter will be dramatically improved and backdated paperwork organised meticulously, including:-

  • decluttering and sorting years' worth of backdated paperwork

  • sorting and finding important and 'must keep' paperwork (such as tax, investments, wills and birth certificates)

  • organising past paperwork to be safely stored, archived or destroyed securely

  • arranging shredding options

  • setting up new systems to improve paper flow and ongoing paper management​​​

  • re-organising existing filing systems to improve ongoing manageability

  • suggestions for how to go 'paperless' and establishing new digital filing systems

All paperwork is handled carefully, methodically and confidentially.  Important documents are identified and kept safe, and all sensitive and confidential pieces are organised, sorted and itemised in a logical and careful manner. ​​

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