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Estate Clearances


When dealing with a deceased estate, challenges such as internal family conflicts, geographical complexities or time constraints may arise, all while grieving the loss of a loved one. 

Coping with the difficult task of decluttering a loved one's possessions is often easier when outsourced to a decluttering specialist.

Project management help for any aspect of an estate clearance, with personal and compassionate care and guidance provided at all times


Decluttering a Deceased Estate

If you are dealing with an estate clearance of a loved one or family member, this can be a sad and emotional time. Equally, you may be trying to manage a deceased estate from interstate or afar, therefore there may be logistical challenges.

I provide empathetic and practical help for the treatment of a deceased person's personal belongings and effects, with a particular focus on being sympathetic to their memories.

  • Hands-on, respectful decluttering of household items.

  • Sorting books and historical paperwork.

  • Locating lost , valuable or precious items.

  • Organising memorabilia, keepsakes and life long treasures​.

  • Advice and recommendations on what to do with left over furniture and household items that are no longer needed.

  • Organising junk and rubbish removal​.​​

  • Recommendations on how best to prepare the property for sale.

  • Arranging donations to charities.


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