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Help with hoarding may be needed when the rooms in your home are no longer functioning, you experience distress at the thought of parting with belongings, you have difficulty discarding items and feel the need to save them, or you are too embarrassed to invite others to your house. 



If excessive clutter is impacting your ability to live safely or comfortably in your home, then it might be time to get some professional help from someone who is experienced. Perhaps you have family members who are exasperated at a situation and advising you it is time to get decluttering help. 


Decluttering reduces the likelihood of trip hazards around the home and improves the ability to keep a home clean.


Decluttering greatly improves a person's quality of life, clears the emotional clutter and enables them to move forward in life.


I have the experience to help you deal with severe clutter situations, that are too overwhelming for you alone to deal with. Some of the ways I can help include:

  • Ideas on where to get started, creating a decluttering plan and setting achievable goals.​

  • Gentle, kind and patient assistance with decision making. 

  • Practical and realistic advice on what to keep.

  • Compassionate guidance on what should go.​

  • Storage solutions and ideas. ​

  • Dropping off donations to charities​​.

  • Organising rubbish and junk removal.

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